Jeremy Norris

Jeremy is a Marine veteran with 8 years of small arms weapons and tactics experience.  A Security Forces/Light Armored Recon Marine for eight years respectively, Jeremy has extensive background in coordinated small team operations for the tactical recovery of special weapons and anti-terrorism missions.  In 2013 Jeremy realized his passion for helping others protect themselves and their families, obtained his NRA Instructor Certification and founded Norris Protective Services.

Crystal Norris

Crystal has been a determined shooter for the last 6 years.  Starting out as a novice she has quickly advanced her shooting skills.  Crystal also shares the same passion as her husband for instructing others on self defense and is working on her NRA Instructor Certification.  Currently she is our Assistant Instructor as well as our outstanding chef for classes.  Crystal advises our female students about different ways to carry concealed and the best methods to do so.